Saturday, October 4, 2014

Have you ever wondered why written communication is preferred to oral communication…………………………….

Written communication is a way for two or more individuals; to communicate with each other, using letters, internet, and texting.
 It is used when two people need to exchange messages amongst themselves, about a particular item, to figure out answers to problems.

Numerous people prefer written communication over oral communication because of these reasons (The advantages of this non-verbal communication):
-More accurate (errors can be corrected or content approved before message is sent).
-A physical record of the communication is made (Permanent record).
-Documentation exists to refer back to when necessary.
-The reader can read the information at a pace that suits them.
-You can communicate with someone who is hard of hearing or deaf.
-Written communication may allow a person to communicate things they are not able to say out loud.
 This is also a way to start and stop, go back and make changes, and ponder what you have said.
-You can communicate at place where you are supposed to maintain silence.
-You can communicate something which you don't want others to hear or listen to.
-You can communicate if you are a few meters away from a person. The target-person can see and read your chart/document but not hear you.
-This kind of Non-verbal communication makes conversation short and brief.
-You can save on time and use it as a tool to communicate with people who don't understand your language.
-very good for Legal document
-Mass dissemination. Written communication can be easily duplicated through printing or photocopying; it is possible to reach a wide audience at once.
-Suitable for long messages.Written communication is suitable for lengthy messages. For E.g. Annual report or job instruction manual.
-It is good for Accountability, receipts and finance issues.Written documents are always signed and thus can be linked to a person or persons responsive for
an action.
-Goodwill and image building. A written document acts as a representative of the company and helps to increase goodwill and image building. A business man can create goodwill by sending greeting-cards, invitations, thank-you note in writing, etc.

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